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Environmental policy

We strongly believe in being responsible to our planet and preserving its precious ecosystem. We are determined to play our part in protecting the environment by implementing sustainable practices and promoting responsible choices. Here's how we pledge to do our part:


Responsible Transport and Zero CO2 Emissions

We are proud to work exclusively with carriers who share our vision for sustainability. All our delivery partners adhere to a rigorous environmental protection policy and are committed to achieving zero CO2 emissions.

By choosing carriers that prioritize sustainability, we reduce our collective carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner future.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We are aware of the impact of packaging on our planet, which is why we only use packaging and cushioning materials made from recycled products. By opting for environmentally friendly packaging solutions, we limit the demand for virgin resources and reduce the amount of waste generated by our activities.

We work with our packaging supplier who is responsible for collecting used cardboard boxes, recycling them and sending them to a paper and cardboard partner. This service provider transforms this cardboard into corrugated paper, and we recover recycled cardboard. 


Giving New Life to Products

We believe that every action counts, including reducing waste. This is why we offer a unique opportunity to our customers to contribute to the protection of the environment. Products with packaging that has been opened or damaged during transport are carefully inspected and put back on sale at a preferential rate. You can thus be part of our ecological approach by giving a new life to these products while benefiting from an advantageous reduction. Visit the collection of OpenBox products

We are strongly committed to continuing these environmentally friendly practices and continuing to explore new ways to reduce our impact. Together we can create a positive impact and work towards a sustainable future. Thank you for joining us in this process and being part of the solution.