A rebuildable atomizer (dripper) offers you the possibility of building your resistance (or coil) from the consumables offered and changing it when you want.

Very economical, the latter remains reserved for expert users who are not frightened at the sight of a mounting tray! Indeed, it does not have a liquid tank. Only a tank is present: it is therefore necessary to frequently soak your cotton with eLiquid to avoid the Dry-Hit. Your patience will however be rewarded because we consider that drippers are the atomizers offering the best restitution of market flavors, not to mention that they are generally accompanied by huge clouds of steam!

Another advantage, the dripper allows you to change flavor more frequently, without residual taste. No doubt, the dripper is the atomizer par excellence. Whether you are attracted to flavors and or by clouds, there is bound to be a RDA dripper that suits you!

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